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I apologize for not getting this up and done sooner. Needless to say the forums, and the front page got hacked, we since then have locked things down, and things appear to be better over all.

I was able to get the front page done sooner, but the forums with all of its data was MUCH more difficult to deal with. Needless to say, I just finished it! YAHOO!

Just in time with Facebook about to take a nose dive, and doing other crazy things to people. (Censorship, etc etc).
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Dell Adamo 13.4" w/ 128GB SSD @ $749!

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  • Dell Adamo 13.4" w/ 128GB SSD @ $749!

    Dell Adamo 13.4" 128GB SSD Laptop $749
    main rig under renovation
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    wow, that's quite a steal.

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      Adamo and Adamo XPS are two very good looking pieces of hardware
      however even at 50% off, they are not for anything except showing off on'e me too me better ego :!:
      for these prices one could get a much more robust (CPU) laptop IMO

      We Are Looking for a Few Good Folders

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        after inputting your credit card information, apply 50% off coupon code "CLR-MSStore-50%"
        Looks like that code should work on anything on the site. Should be lots of good deals to be had.

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          Originally posted by flasher702 View Post
          Looks like that code should work on anything on the site. Should be lots of good deals to be had.

          didnt work for Win7
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