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I apologize for not getting this up and done sooner. Needless to say the forums, and the front page got hacked, we since then have locked things down, and things appear to be better over all.

I was able to get the front page done sooner, but the forums with all of its data was MUCH more difficult to deal with. Needless to say, I just finished it! YAHOO!

Just in time with Facebook about to take a nose dive, and doing other crazy things to people. (Censorship, etc etc).
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Is Intel Desperate?

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  • Is Intel Desperate?

    Recent article.

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    Intel have hit a wall. This seems like a pattern with all tech companies. They rested on their laurels for far too long and overestimated their market leadership position. Intel has done this before with the Willamette Pentium 4 architecture dubbed Netburst. Mean't to tackle the AthlonXP, it was not at all prepared to tackle the AMD K8 (Athlon64) architecture.

    It took until Nehalem for Intel to finally incorporate a Point to point interconnect comparable to AMDs Hyper-transport technology.

    I think that Intel are in the same position right now. Intel hired Jim Keller and I don't think that this was by accident. Intel require a modular CPU architecture akin to AMDs Zen architecture due to the lack of yield increases and benefits overall gained from a die shrink. Monolithic cores are getting too large and thus creating a much higher propensity of defective dies per wafer. This means that each many core Intel CPU is hard to field leading to a relative high price when compared to AMDs CCX approach.

    Intel will catch up once again, especially considering that they've hired Jim Keller, in the meantime however... expect AMD to catch up slowly on a clock for clock basis while surpassing Intel in terms of lower power usage and more cores per CPU.
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      Yeah... I agree... Just seems incredibly desperate to do what they are doing... Remember before hand they said there was no possible way for a desktop machine to have 6 cores or 8 cores. Then the Ryzen came out with 8 cores, with hyperthreading, and then Intel combated it with the 8700K. THEN the 2700k came out, and Intel had to release the 9900K, 8-Core processor... Which was once impossible.

      They are pulling at strings, and honestly it feels great!


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        I personally am loving that AMDis competitive and pushing intel, my new years build will be my first AMD build since 2005.
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          Yeah, I am in the process of building a MicroITX board, with the new Louqe Ghost Case. I invested in the company a year or so ago, and I finally got them. hehe

          I've always wanted a very small system, that didn't compromise on performance.