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DVD to MKV with 5.1 Sound Guide

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    If you can rip them off the disk, then yes.
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      Originally posted by Eurasianman View Post
      Can this technique be used on Blu-Rays?

      However, I have not *ahem* *cough* gotten around *cough* *clears throat* the BD encryption and tried it. Another project for another day.

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        My issue was finding the audio file. Let me know when you get around to it
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          HandBrake is a fantastic piece of software for ripping DVDs or just transcoding video files. Easy to use with default profiles, but also lets you tweak the lower-level X.264 controls if you so choose. Only drawback is that it doesn't decrypt the discs, so you need another piece of software to do that. Of course AnyDVD rules all, but RipIt4Me is a good free app.
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